Hello, welcome to this little part of the internet. I’m Amanda and on this blog I aim to write and start discussions about literature from all genres and formats. I will try to especially focus on literature by or about people from minority groups, texts on social issues, translated literature from all around the globe and relevant non-fiction.

Why such a focus? Because honestly: why not? The world is a large place, filled to the brim with all types of life, all vastly different and interesting in their own way. There are so many diverse voices out there, yet mainstream media predominantly focuses on middle-class, white, able-bodied and male perspectives. Minority groups are often misrepresented, demonized, portrayed as painful stereotypes, or unnecessarily sexualized for male consumers. That is, if there are even any people from minority groups making an appearance in the piece of work at all!

Accurate representation can have a great beneficial effect on people’s wellbeing, and it is unfortunate to see that most of the population of this planet needs to struggle to find some. It’s inevitable that the things we read affect us. Not only are these limited representations of minorities selling real people short, but they can also be harmful by creating negative views of and attitudes towards all people of a certain group, including towards ourselves.

Reading diversely can be a great way to start learning more about you and the world around you. You might finally encounter a book that portrays your struggles perfectly and find a community to talk about them. You might learn for the first what it’s like to grow up poor, or what it’s like to have an auto-immune disorder, or what it’s like to fear the police, or what it’s like to deal with catcalling. It would be a shame to miss out on these stories. Hopefully you can find some new books to read on this blog, and hopefully you can recommend me some new ones as well.

Thank you for hanging around & have fun browsing!